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One of the most common questions recruiters and resume experts get asked is, How long should my resume be? The answer: There isn’t really one right answer.

And while this may not be a satisfying resolution for some, the answer lies within the job description and the position you’re applying for.

It is important that you include your most relevant professional experiences and those that are the most recent. Sticking with the past 15 years is one good rule of thumb some experts recommend.

But what you include on your resume or CV should depend more on what the employer is looking for. Are they looking for someone who has demonstrated skills in leading an organization through change? The language you use and experiences you choose to highlight should mimic the same words the job posting utilizes and highlight such experiences with examples or outcomes relevant to your work history.

And while it is also essential to have consistent, clear formatting across your resume, the content matters more than formatting and how long it is.

When you’re ready to throw your name in the hat for your next position, take some time to dissect the position and contemplate how your experiences and skills match what your future employer is looking for. The result is a concise resume or CV specifically tailored to the organization’s needs that will have them jumping at the chance to call you in for an interview.


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